2018 Campaign Priorities

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There is a lot to fight for in 2018. Decency and competence matter. Facts matter. The rule of law matters. Expertise matters.

Here’s what our campaign is committed to fighting for:

Economic development

We will work with our cities and counties to support our entrepreneurs and our local, small and family-owned businesses; we need to attract and retain businesses that offer good-paying jobs and treat employees fairly and with respect. Improving local public infrastructure and developing and leveraging local capabilities and expertise should be priorities.

Better public schools

Our public schools need to be properly funded and competently managed. Teachers need to be paid fairly and treated with respect. It is important that training and education programs lead to quality jobs and productive careers. The federal government can play a key role in funding and promoting locally-controlled initiatives.

Affordable college

As a society, we have a responsibility to make educational and training opportunities available to our young adults at a reasonable cost. We shouldn’t saddle college students with crippling debt that prevents them from fully participating in our economy after graduation.

Health care for everyone

Everyone should be able to get medical care when they need it. As a society, we need to find a way of sharing the burden of paying — in an effective and efficient manner — for a basic level of health care for everyone. We need to protect and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid.

An effective criminal justice system

We need a smarter, fairer, and more effective criminal justice system. Everyone should be equal before the law, regardless of race, income, or social position. Trials should be held promptly. Everyone should have fair access to bail. Reforming our criminal justice system should be a national priority: https://www.splcenter.org/issues/mass-incarceration.

A reformed immigration system

We support meaningful immigration reform that affirms our commitment to welcoming immigrants into this country in a safe and orderly manner. Congress should act immediately to pass a “clean” Dream Act to protect the millions of young people who came here as infants and children with their parents. We are against Trump’s border wall; it is a cynical, expensive, and ineffective PR stunt that would do far more harm than good.

A cleaner environment

We should be good stewards of the planet. Like individuals, businesses should be expected to clean up their messes. As a society, we must respond to climate change. We will fight efforts to strip environmental safeguards that protect our air and water.

Equal opportunities and protections for everyone

Everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. We will fight for equal opportunities for the working class, rural communities, women, minorities, the LGBT community, and so on. We need to focus on shared values — such as equal treatment before the law and equal opportunities for education and job training — rather than on the interests of specific groups.

The tagline of our campaign is “smart, effective government.” Government should function rationally, effectively, and in a manner that benefits the public interest. I want to contribute to making government more effective and more responsive to individual citizens.

It is essential that people who are willing to work hard and put in 40 hours a week are able to earn a living. A dignified life should be within everyone’s reach.

We live in a representative democracy. Once someone running for public office wins, they belong to everyone. I pledge to do my best to represent everyone’s interests. I will talk to everyone. I will listen to everyone. I will build consensus and do what it takes to make a difference.